CMS Made Simple support

CMS Made Simple has been my Content Management System of choice since 2009. After experimenting with other systems, I keep coming back to it for every project. I spend every day working on CMSMS sites and applications, and contributing to the project itself as a member of the Development Team.

Upgrades & Maintenance

CMSMS is in active development and is always looking add new functionality while maintaining its efficiency and speed. Sometimes this comes with the loss of backwards compatibility, or core changes that break older sites. As an individual site owner, keeping your site's backend up to date can seem daunting, but that's what I'm here for! Contact me for help with:

  • Upgrades to the latest version, even if you're on a very old release
  • Cleaning up malware from old vulnerabilities
  • Upgrading or replacing third-party modules
  • Transferring sites to new hosts
  • Managing backups
  • Implementing new designs or features
  • Reducing load times
  • Increasing SEO presence

Responsive Conversions

It's 2019, your fixed-width web site just won't cut it anymore. Responsive design means just what it implies—the design must respond to a near-infinite number of different devices, screen widths, and resolutions. I will make sure your site:


  • Works and looks good on all mobiles, tablets, and computers
  • Loads quickly, with automatic image sizing and compression
  • Is easy to maintain, with minimal templates and dynamically adapting content


Take a look at your site on your mobile device. Is the text too hard to read or the layout broken? Are images cut off or improperly scaled? This is where I come in. Converting existing designs to mobile-friendly responsive layouts not only greatly improves your visitor's experience, it can also improve your search rankings. Have a look at my portfolio, then contact me for an estimate.