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Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) allows the web site owner to manage content (hence the name) without knowing any programming. This facilitates faster, easier, and less expensive site maintenance, as well as the ability to keep visitors up to date with new content or product releases. There are many systems available, each with their own sets of advantages and drawbacks. I can help you decide which CMS is best for you, and build or convert your site so you can focus on adding and updating content.

CMS Made Simple

For most small to medium sized web sites, I recommend CMS Made Simple. It has an excellent balance of power for the developer (me), and simplicity for the content editor (you or your client). Driven by the powerful Smarty engine, very complex sites are possible, while still being manageable. As well as development, I also offer upgrade, hosting, and maintenance packages for CMSMS.


For smaller sites, Yikesite is also a good option. Although less powerful than CMSMS, the ease of use for the content editor is second to none. The Liquid engine allows for a wide range of options.

Wordpress, Joomla, Concrete5...

Is your site already using a CMS and you need some support? I have a network of skilled developers at my fingertips, and if I can't help you, I know someone who can. Customizing, upgrading, maintenance, or development.

Variable Data

Variable Data, which can also be referred to as Mail Merge, Variable Information Printing (VIP), Dynamic Printing, or Variable Data Printing (VDP), is a powerful way to spread your message. By utilizing the wide capabilities of XMPie, I can help you enter the world of direct marketing.

The possibilities are nearly endless. Beyond simply addressing letters, variable data today allows for dynamic personalization of printed materials. Text and images in your marketing materials can be varied based on simple data queries: a different colour for males or females, larger text for older recipients, unique contest barcodes or serial numbers… The options are endless.

Services for Print Shops

With over 20 years spent inside print shops, I know what works and what doesn't. Workflows, MIS, Web-to-Print portals, customized web sites… all you wanted to do was put ink on paper, who knew it would get so complicated?


A PDF Workflow is a must in a busy print shop. Reprint rates go down, and quality goes up. Productivity is greatly increased with less staffing or overtime. I have configured and managed two of the leading PDF workflows, and can help you get the most out of either one:

Xitron Sierra

Although Xitron has been an industry leader for years, Sierra is a relative newcomer to the digital print market. It's a very easy to use product, but setting up efficient workflows, especially to wide format and digital output devices not directly supported, can be a bit daunting. I've already jumped over those hurdles, and can configure Sierra to seamlessly integrate with your offset and digital print environment. Staff training, troubleshooting, and pre-purchase consulting are all available.

Heidelberg Prinect

Prinect is a very powerful—but almost overwhelmingly complex—workflow. Support from Heidleberg is expensive, and often very rigid in what can and can't be done. I've had years of experience tweaking workflows and configuring devices to play nicely with Prinect.


Xerox Freeflow Web Services

I can help you configure, skin, and add products to FFWS or PageFlex iWay. Working with Xerox or your reseller of choice, I will help you go beyond the default templates and create a custom, easy to use portal for your clients.

Customized Web Solutions

I have helped to develop a suite of extensions for CMS Made Simple specifically for print shops. It features drag-and-drop client uploads, simple online soft proofing, and an administration console allowing easy access to orders, estimate requests, and proofs. It integrates completely with your existing website, with no third-party file handling or charges.

Hosting & Domain Management


Any web project I help you with includes a year of hosting and domain management. This includes cPanel access, database, and plenty of storage. Email and other services are available upon request.

Domain Management

I can help you register your domain names and configure any related services you need. Email services, multiple domains, renewals—no problem.

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