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Here's what I can do for you. Modern websites. Responsive Layouts. Creative Problem Solving. Print Design and Layout.


Modern Websites

  • Professionally built from scratch or upgrade an existing site
  • Fast loading, efficiently coded designs
  • Easy to use, built in CMS (Content Management System)
  • Mobile and tablet friendly
  • Social media integration
  • Improved traffic and visibility

Modern websites are mobile-friendly, clean, and fast loading. A Content Management System (CMS) is a must, and Social Media integration a given.

Whether you're a designer with a mock-up ready to go, or a small business just starting out, I can help you create a beautiful, modern web site true to your requirements. Together we will work through the specifications, then I will take care of the rest. You concentrate on growing your business, I'll worry about the pixels and code. The result will be something you're proud to show to your clients and colleagues, while attracting new traffic and improving your visibility.

Responsive Layouts

  • Works on all mobiles, tablets, and computers
  • Images are automatically optimized for different screen sizes and resolutions
  • Fast loading pages
  • Only one site to maintain - content is adapted dynamically

It's 2016, your fixed-width web site just won't cut it anymore. Responsive design means just what it implies—the design must respond to a near-infinite number of different devices, screen widths, and resolutions.

Take a look at your site on your mobile device. Is the text too hard to read or the layout broken? Are images cut off or improperly scaled? This is where I come in. Converting existing designs to mobile-friendly responsive layouts not only greatly improves your visitor's experience, it can also improve your search rankings. Have a look at my Portfolio, then Contact me for an estimate.

Creative Problem Solving

Sometimes, a problem is so unique you're not sure who to call. With so many years in print and web production, I still haven't seen them all—but I still welcome the challenge!

Perhaps it's a problem file no print shop will touch, or a direct marketing campaign with variable images. How about a web site requiring special cultural considerations? Something else? Bring it on…

Print Design & Layout

  • Annual reports
  • Survey results
  • Marketing materials
  • Sell sheets
  • Stationery

I love text formatting, I dream of charts, and I breathe print. Spot colours? Bleeds? Duotones? This is my lexicon.

Send me your content and ideas, and I will create a professional, print-ready document. I can work with your print shop or mail house of choice, making sure there's no surprise charges or delays. Variable data, bar codes, unique bindery requirements—no problem!

Print or Web, you can't be good at both... can you?

Print and web design are very different. Fortunately, because I focus on the technical aspects and typically hire designers to do the creative, I've had time to master both. I've been working in the professional print industry since 1993, and building web sites since touchtone phones were exciting technology. I know a trap from a bleed, a div from a span, and promise clean, professional output no matter what your medium.

See anything you like? Let me help you today! Free estimates and consultations.